Photographic Collection

The San Antonio Valley Historical Association (SAVHA) photographic collection: From the early 1800's to today.

The San Antonio Valley Historical Association (SAVHA) was established in 1968 to preserve local historical buildings, documents and photographs so that future generations can connect with the past. We are located in Southern Monterey County, on the California Central Coast and we maintain a Historical Photo and Oral History Collection of the area.

Many of the photos in SAVHA’s database are one-of-a-kind images. And SAVHA is constantly seeking to add historical photographs to its photo archives.

We currently have over 1200 historical images in our Photo Archives. These photographs can be used for research, publications and historical displays and or personal display in your home or office. Only a small portion of the collection is currently online with a searchable database, we are adding more photos all the time.

If you have any Southern Monterey County photos that you wish preserved, please contact us at

Oral Histories